Three Reasons To Take A Shower

We all know that the main reason to take a shower is to prevent us from smelling like an old gym bag. A person who smells pleasant is a joy to be around like a breath of fresh air. Here are three other reasons to take a shower:

1. Renew And Refresh Your Mind

Say it with me, “Today is a new day! Great things are going to happen to me today!”

Each day that we wake up is another opportunity to do something amazing. But, before we get to the “doing” part we must renew our mind and refresh our thinking.

Give yourself an extra couple of minutes so the warm water can rejuvenate your Spirit. Another part of the Renew and Refresh Your Mind is to start getting ready for the day. What is on your agenda for today? Meetings, appointments, and deadlines? Refresh your mind and plan each task one at a time. While you are taking a shower, allow the water to wash all of the doubt, frustration, bitterness, stubbornness, and any other negative energy down the drain.


FUN FACT: If you smell your best, you are 97% more likely to succeed than a person who doesn’t?


2. Think Things Through.

Writer’s block and creativity stumps can often be solved by a hot shower. If you have ideas you have been working on and you are stuck on a certain area, don’t call your friends or partner. Take a pen and paper in the bathroom, hop in the shower, and start from the beginning. I’m telling you this works. Don’t take the paper in the shower with you, but leave it on the sink or somewhere close by.Think about what you have to do today? How will you get it done? What obstacles might you come across? Athletes do this all of the time. We envision ourselves on the battlefield, and we play out the events in our mind. Doing this allows the athlete to anticipate their opponent’s movement.

3. Take Time To Say Thank You.

Lastly, taking a shower gives you time to be thankful and say thank you to God for waking you up this morning. Someone didn’t wake up this morning. Someone lost a family, a friend, or a coworker. Give thanks and be happy that you have another opportunity to do something amazing, and to get it right; whatever “it” may be.

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